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Innate Health Chiropractic Reviews – Adults

What Our Perrysburg Patients Say

At Innate Health Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Patient GavinAfter taking a bad fall snowboarding, I had pretty much lost all mobility in my lower back. I couldn’t touch my toes, it was so bad I almost had to ask for help putting pants and socks on. Walking was a struggle, sleeping was a pain and overall it just made every day a STRUGGLE.

I completely lost my ability to work out, just trying to pick something up off the floor at work brought me excruciating pain. It completely ruined my daily mood because every day I woke up knowing I had to work consisted of me knowing I was going to be in pain all day. It definitely affected my social life, considering I went to work and came straight home every night just to get off my feet and rest.

Since beginning chiropractic care at Innate, my results have been TREMENDOUS. After my first visit, I felt good enough to go to work without wincing in pain, I was by no means “fixed” but was for sure heading in the right direction. In the past 2 months, all the pain and stress I had in my back is completely gone. Dr. Nick brought the curve back in my neck and relieved all the stress in my neck that I’ve been dealing with since High School. Overall, my everyday mindset and mood have drastically improved due to how good I feel every time I leave this place.

I’ve attended one other chiropractic office in my life and was so happy when I was told I was “fixed” and didn’t have to go anymore. After coming to Innate Health I don’t ever want to leave, the experience I’ve had here has made me want to incorporate chiropractic into my everyday life because of how good it makes me feel. I’ve never met a more welcoming and wholesome staff in my life, they truly make it a joyful experience to be here. Their doctors never overwork you, they take you step by step through your entire healing journey, making it a rejuvenating and enjoyable experience that you’ll never want to shake.


Doc with SydneyI came to Innate because my neck was very stiff and hard to move. I felt uncomfortable most of the time. It was very frustrating because I have 3 small children. Not being able to move fully, quickly, and without pain became very difficult.

After beginning chiropractic care at Innate, I felt relief almost immediately. I think the biggest way it has improved my life is through my mindset. I have been more aware of how my body is feeling and I felt better just by setting aside time to improve the quality of how my body moves and feels. Being a stay at home/working mom of 3, it is easy to ignore my needs and this has definitely been a catalyst to me being more intentional with caring for myself and making myself a priority with the intention to positively affect my family.

The Innate Team is absolutely wonderful! As someone who works in customer service, I am very impressed with how the staff goes above and beyond to be kind, care for, and accommodate you and your family. I have 3 small children that I bring in with me and they are more than willing to help entertain and be kind to them. I do not feel like an inconvenience one bit which is a HUGE relief. The atmosphere of the office is so comfortable and relaxed. Lastly, I love how open and flexible the schedules are. They are wonderful!


Patient Ed and his doctorI came to Innate Health Chiropractic because I had a snapping hip flexor, IT band issues, and lower leg imbalance. I experienced a constant tight hip flexor while driving, at work, and during running or exercising.

Since being under chiropractic care at Innate I have more balance, mobility, and the tools to maintain ideal body mechanics during the adjustment and after at home.

Being an Osteopathic Physician, I love talking with Dr. Rick about different theories and techniques to do with manual medicine from the way I have learned vs. the chiropractic method.


Kelley I had lower back pain, decreased flexibility, and decreased mental health due to injury. It felt like a shooting pain in my lower back that would extend down the legs. I felt super ” tight” in my lower back. This made it impossible to complete simple tasks. I was not able to workout, which impacted my mental health. I was not able to do any hobbies or get out of bed for the first few days. This negatively impacted my energy levels.

Chiropractic care at Innate has eliminated my lower back pain, increased my flexibility, and I’m able to get back to my everyday routine. It also has improved my mental health as I do not have to worry about my pain and limitations.

Innate has a very welcoming environment and they are very knowledgeable and good at explaining. I feel comfortable with the doctors and staff and they are very understanding. Would definitely recommend!


Amanda I have been experiencing TMJ for two years, tightness in my neck and constant headaches since I was a teenager after a gymnastics injury. I also have had trouble sleeping through the night. After speaking and even eating, I experience pain. In order to try and relieve these struggles, I have tried chiropractic care on and off since I was a teenager and would get temporary relief. I have also used ice and heat for the last year along with essential oils and Advil. Because of all of these struggles, my sleep was restless and I was never well rested. I am a preacher so I have to use my mouth and jaw all the time when preaching. The pain will make a long day of ministry really hard. I have had to cancel or adjust activities because of pain. All of this has caused me a lot of frustration with my language and outlook for my future.

Since beginning care at Innate, I have felt hope. They hear and care for me. I know now that I do not have to live in pain forever. As a result of my chiropractic adjustments, I have reduced pain in my jaw and neck which allows me more mobility. I am also finally sleeping through the night. I still have some pain, but nothing compared to what I had. The doctors and staff at Innate listen. They were very thorough getting my history and learning more about my pain. They have provided me with goals and benchmarks which is different that any other chiropractic care I have experienced. They ask each time I come in how I am doing, what improvements I am having or pain I am experiencing. They educate me on what and why they are doing with the adjustments. I trust them with my care.


Jen When I first began care at Innate Health Chiropractic, I was experiencing shoulder, neck and arm pain along with numbness and tingling. I was very frustrated because the pain was negatively impacting my mood and I was having limited enjoyment in activities. I also had to rely on over the counter pain medications.

Since being under chiropractic care, my mood has improved! I have had a significant decrease in pain, improved mobility and I now have a better understanding how this impacts overall health. The staff at Innate is awesome, kind, friendly, caring, engaging and excellent!


MackenzieI came to Innate Health Chiropractic for a pain behind my shoulder blade and later told Dr. Nick that I had a tingling, burning sensation in my legs whenever I would do more than walking. This sensation in my legs started 2 ½ years ago and my back pain began this past fall. I could not move, exercise, practice, play, train, lift, walk up stairs – basically nothing that I did everyday of my life before the pain. I had various tests done, tried multiple vitamins and supplements, and therapies, but was still in pain.

A friend referred me to Innate Health Chiropractic, and since beginning care under Dr. Nick, my leg pain is COMPLETELY GONE! I literally have been given my life back. I can do whatever I want again without pain!

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The first time I walked into the office, I was instantly impressed. There was Christian music playing, Grace knew my name when I walked in, and I was welcomed warmly. I started coming frequently and loved watching the documentaries and seminars playing in the warm up area. It arose so many questions in my mind about my future, and Dr. Nick was open to them and gave me so many answers that have helped me with nutrition, and Jessie was always a smiling face for me to walk into. The complete atmosphere and ideals of Chiropractic have made me totally flip my future plans around. I am now planning to go to Chiropractic school to follow Dr. Nick’s footsteps in changing people’s lives! I am so blessed to have found Dr. Nick and Innate Health in general. They have truly given me my life back and saved it in other ways. I would recommend absolutely anyone to Innate Health because I have no doubt that they will have as great of an experience as I!


JennieI have endometriosis, which began during grad school in 2014. The pain was at its worst before I was diagnosed. There are pockets of pain and pressure “ouch balloons” that pop up occasionally. I had such bad nausea that I hadn’t eaten a full meal in almost a year. I couldn’t move, bend, or do anything without feeling like I was being cut in half. My life consisted of intense pain every day with marginal relief when I laid down. My body would not respond to normal pain medications, which actually worsened the pain. I saw six doctors, tried three or four medical procedures, and seven different medications without success. One day, my church mentor referred me to Dr. Nick. After my first adjustment, I gained my appetite back! I can now move more freely and have a social life again! My energy and stamina are up, and I can keep up with my students. My pain is now manageable – a level 0-3 instead of previously being a level 5-7. The “ouch balloons” are at bay! Innate Health Chiropractic feels like coming home. Dr. Nick is so incredibly caring and wise. He thoroughly explains what he is doing, what he is not doing, and why. The entire staff genuinely cares about my health and well-being. I would be in such a rough place without the amazing care of Dr. Nick and his staff. Chiropractic is for EVERYONE!


EdMy wife and several neighbors suggested that I come to see Dr. Nick at Innate Health Chiropractic, but I was skeptical of chiropractic. I wasn’t sleeping well, had lower back pain, had just been diagnosed with a dermatitis I had never had before, and have a high stress executive level job. All in all, I was a mess and in need of some relief. I went to the dermatologist who prescribed topical steroids and a prescription shampoo. We purchased a sleep number bed in the hopes that my back pain would resolve. I also changed my diet to lose weight, hoping this would help my overall health, sleep, and lower stress. Given the high energy required for my job I needed better sleep, couldn’t sit for long periods, and was embarrassed by my new dermatitis. This all made me unhappy, moody, and overall worried about my health and whether I could sustain the job pace. Over the course of three months under the care of Dr. Nick, my sleep has improved (7 hours per night!), my dermatitis has resolved (weaned the medication over several weeks and with chiropractic it was gone), stress is more manageable, and my lower back pain is gone! Innate Health Chiropractic is bright, cheerful, and has a nice recovery feel to it. The staff are always courteous, friendly, and acknowledge you by name (they never forget or seem to have to ask twice). Dr. Nick makes you feel comfortable and takes the time necessary to listen to your individual needs when enacting the care plan. He adjusts his clinical focus to the patients need and even provided me with empirical information backing up his chiropractic claims!


Photograph of KirstaWhen I first met Dr. Nick & Ashley, they seemed like wonderful people, but I was a chiropractic skeptic. I’m active, eat well, and take care of my body, so thought I’d never need a chiropractor and “didn’t want to have to keep going”. However, I had lingering lower back/left flank pain, so after a couple trips to my doctor, Flexiril prescriptions, advice to go to PT, extra core exercises, and nothing working, I felt like I needed to do something different. The trigger was when I couldn’t even roll over in bed without waking up from pain, let alone do my normal workouts! So I took the plunge and called Innate Health.

Turns out, I simply had never been educated about the positives of chiropractic. And especially wasn’t aware of the different approach that Dr. Nick takes with his patients. After just one consultation, I realized that while Dr. Nick helps treat the symptoms, he’s really trying to get to the root cause of the problem. My biggest issue that was obvious from the x-rays was that my lower spine had started to curve to the left, and the scans showed major stress in my neck and lower back, too.

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At my first adjustment, Dr. Nick adjusted my C5 (upper spine) — and immediately, I felt a release in my lower back. If one adjustment could provide relief like that, I couldn’t wait to see where my care plan took me. I’ve been seeing Dr. Nick since December 2014 and in those 2.5 months, I’ve seen only good things! My lower back has much relief, but other things that I didn’t expect are happening too — no sinus infections (I usually get 2-3/year), my thyroid kicking into gear (I lost 4 lbs in the first 2 weeks of treatment, with no changes to diet or exercise)!

When I started seeing results, I decided it might be worthwhile to bring in my daughter. Ava is 13 months and was still struggling to sleep through the night. (That’s a long time and one tired mama!) Plus she was having some digestive issues; After just one adjustment, Ava’s sleep improved (and is now typically sleeping 10 hours a night) and her digestive issues have basically cleared up! Overall, our care at Innate Health Chiropractic has been phenomenal and I recommend them to all my friends & family. (My mom & sis go for their consultations this week — woo hoo!) Thank you for helping us work towards our “innate health!


KamiI have had lower back pain for 8 years. I couldn’t sleep, stand, sit or lay down; it always hurt. Dr. Nick has helped me not only with the pain, but the tightness as well. I also started having neck pain which has gone away! Doctors told me it was just something I would have to “live with”. Doctors only recommended steroid shots and pain medications which only gave temporary relief.

Having 2 you children and a fitness business, I couldn’t continue having this pain and re-injuring/re-aggravating my lower back. I had to take off work for doctors appointments and due to the unbearable pain in both my back and neck. I would have difficulties picking up my children, lifting them into their cribs and car seats. I hit a breaking point and knew I needed help, but that all the doctors would do was treat the symptoms not the cause. I knew I needed to get to the root of the problem. I was referred to Innate Health Chiropractic by my friend Kirsta. Chiropractic has changed my life for the better! I feel healthier from the inside out and I have no pain!

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I can lift my children without worrying about the pain. I’ve also noticed improved digestion, better posture and improved sleep! I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Nick to my friends and family. I feel that the mission and philosophy of Innate Health completely aligns with my beliefs of healing the body from the inside out. Not only does Dr. Nick focus on the spine, but overall health and wellness including fitness, family & faith. His approach is to get to the root of the problem, to treat the cause not just manage the symptoms!


LoriWhen I started care at Innate Health Chiropractic I had a severe pain running from my left hip down to my knee. It began in early summer at the cause of the pain is still a mystery to me. When the pain was at it’s worst I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) walk or if I did I would have to drag my leg. I tried pain killers but nothing got to the cause of my problem. This pain affected every area of my life! I heard about Innate Health Chiropractic from my son and daughter in law and they suggested that I give Dr. Nick a try. I have had amazing results! I wake up not thinking about the pain because there is none! I am not limping anymore and I am 99% back to normal. The office and Dr. Nick are great, the atmosphere is very friendly!



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