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Innate Health Chiropractic Reviews – Pediatric

What Our Perrysburg Patients Say

At Innate Health Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Adjusting girl on table I knew I would be bringing Morgan in as soon as we could after her birth. The birthing experience is traumatic on a baby’s little body! My second son had colic as a newborn and it massively affected me as a mother in a negative way. It’s what led us to chiropractic care at Innate 7.5 years ago and so I knew how important it would be this time around. Thankfully, we were able to help Morgan from the very start and not have negative issues for her! Because we chose chiro care for her from birth, it’s allowed us to have the best newborn experience with our last baby. She’s been so happy, has slept amazingly, has good digestion, and overall has a great demeanor. I 100% believe her care here at Innate has contributed to a wonderful first few months of life with her.

I will never leave Innate. The care with Dr. Nick improved my second baby and his colic significantly, Dr. Rick has taken care of both myself and now my newborn daughter and you really can’t put a price on good health and body wellness. The staff here are my favorite people; all of them over the years have truly become friends and I love our appointment days here.”

– Mom

Adjusting-Boy sitting down on table
“We came to Innate because Dane wouldn’t turn his head. He only liked looking one way.
Dane was diagnosed with reflux by his pediatrician.
He would spit up most of his bottles, arch his back while eating and would cry from the pain.
I felt there was nothing we could do for him. He would randomly spit up as well.
I dreaded feedings and always brought 2-3 extra shirts/outfits if we went out for myself and Dane. Our laundry doubled and I was washing burp rags everyday.”

– Mom

Adjusting girl on table“My daughter came to Innate due to bed wetting, behavorial issues, sensory processing issues, constipation, asthma, bipolar, ahdh, past childhood trauma, mental trauma and trouble sleeping. When she is not happy the whole family is not happy. She had struggles in school with reading and learning, this was not a healthy environment.

Now, after pediatric chiropractic care, as an almost “nomal” 11 year old child, she is now sleeping through the night, has no bathroom issues, and her ahdh and behavioral issues are under control. We can tell when it is time to go to the chiropractor and when it is mentioned she is very excited to go.

Everyone is amazing and they treat our family as part of their own. They are always willing to listen to us, ask about our day and with a growing family- literally at any time since we are foster parents, they are willing to take on our challenge as their own to help our growing family and our chaos.”


“We came to Innate because Dane wouldn’t turn his head. He only liked looking one way. Dane was diagnosed with reflux by his pediatrician. He would spit up most of his bottles, arch his back while eating and would cry from the pain. I felt there was nothing we could do for him. He would randomly spit up as well. I dreaded feedings and always brought 2-3 extra shirts/outfits if we went out for myself and Dane. Our laundry doubled and I was washing burp rags everyday.
Doc adjusting a baby
Doc with baby

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Since being under pediatric chiropractic care, Dane turns his head, seems stronger and stable, rarely spits up after feedings and no longer seems to be in pain. He overall seems happier.

Dr. Nick and staff are super helpful and willing to explain the process. I enjoy coming to the office because everyone is so nice. The overall experience has been enjoyable.”


Dr. Nick adjusting a baby“I brought my son to Innate due to colic, reflux, and tension. He had an inability to sleep, was fussy and had trouble eating.

After pediatric chiropractic care, my son is sleeping much better! His reflux is under control. He is finally a happy baby!!

After the initial visit you could physically see the tension leave his body and he just went limp and fell asleep during the adjustment. After each adjustment he gets so much better with the tension in his body.”


Mom holding baby getting adjustedMy son had chronic ear infections for the majority of the first year of his life. He was given just about every antibiotic but nothing cleared it up. He ended up needing surgery to have ear tubes. We were very hopeful that this would resolve the issue but unfortunately, after surgery, he was still having ear infections. No ear drop or medication would work to clear up the infections. Being on antibiotics for weeks and months at a time was extremely hard on him. He was having allergic reactions to some of the medications and experiencing other side effects to the medications he wasn’t allergic to. We were at a point where we could not continue to give him more medication, nor did we want to. My son was not himself at all and was having to miss out on his swim lessons because he was so uncomfortable, wasn’t eating much, and couldn’t hear as well as he should have been able to. This is when we decided to call the experts – Dr. Nick and Dr. Rick.

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When we started chiropractic care with my son, he still had an ear infection. I know how amazing chiropractic care is, and all that it can do, but I was still skeptical at the beginning because nothing has worked so far, how would this be any different? The results were incredible. Within 3-4 weeks, his ear infections were completely cleared up for the first time in over six months. The difference in him was amazing. He was eating much better, he was sleeping so well, and he was overall a much happier baby. He was no longer constantly on medications or at countless doctor appointments. To this day, he has not had a single ear infection since starting chiropractic care.

I will forever be grateful to Dr. Nick, Dr. Rick, and all of the Innate staff. Having a baby with chronic ear infections is hard and they all understood this. The plan they came up with to help my son was well thought out and effective. Everyone is always so welcoming and kind – I have never experienced such kind people who truly care about the well being of your kids. They care like they are their own and it shows. I cannot say enough about the team at Innate Health Chiropractic and I am so thankful they were able to help my son get to a point of being free of ear infections!”


Doc with baby girl“My daughter was having really terrible reflux, trouble pooping, pain in her stomach, trouble nursing, was super grunty and was just so sad. She had trouble sleeping and would cry when nursing due to pain in her stomach and low mobility in her neck. I would worry so much about her being in pain and not knowing how to help her.

Since being under pediatric chiropractic care at Innate, she is now less stiff, sleeps like a champ, poops multiple times a day and is able to nurse off of both sides without crying. This has helped both of her parents be able to worry less about her comfort.

The most impactful thing we have experienced has been the kind care we’ve gotten from the staff. Dr. Nick knows what he is doing and is able to explain things in a way that both educates and eases anxiety when dealing with littles.”


child on kneeMy son had reflux and tension making breastfeeding difficult and none of us were getting any sleep. He struggled to tolerate laying flat or not being held, which made our daily activities difficult.

Since being under pediatric chiropractic care at Innate, he has greatly improved his reflux and tension. It has helped us get back to our daily routines. He tolerates feeding without excessive spit up and breastfeeding sessions are way better and enjoyable for the both of us!

Everyone at Innate is SO kind and welcoming! They listen to your concerns and make you feel heard. They focus on your concerns and make sure they are being met. The family friendly environment is perfect for our toddler to play while we get adjusted.


“Both of my girls were having trouble with frequent sinus and ear infections that needed frequent trips to the doctor for antibiotics. It caused them both to miss quite a bit of school and also made it so that they were on antibiotics for most of the fall and winter.

So far, since being under pediatric chiropractic care, this fall we have not had any infections and have not needed antibiotics and it has also improved their flexibility for gymnastics.

I love how inviting and caring everyone in the office always is, it is a relaxing environment and I never have to think twice about bringing the girls for adjustments and know that it is improving their health.”



infant patient on tableI brought my daughter to Innate because she had reflux, was not comfortable laying down flat, and had a strong preference to one side.

Having two other young children at home during the day, it was hard to help them with what they needed as well, while making sure my daughter was comfortable. She also was having difficulties settling at night to sleep with her reflux, and having everyone sleep deprived made the days a bit more challenging.

Since being under pediatric chiropractic care, my daughter has now been more comfortable while playing on the floor with her siblings, which has been so much fun for all of them! She has also been able to sleep way longer stretches at night and wakes up the most happy.

We have been coming to Innate since 2020, when her oldest sibling was needing assistance with torticollis and reflux, as well. Innate Health Chiropractic is an office my children are always excited to be at, for the adjustments and the family friendly environment. We continue to tell all of our friends and family about the positive experiences we have with chiropractic care, and recommend this office to anyone looking to feel better!


child on tableMy daughter experienced a lot of trauma in utero and she was starting to show some symptoms as she was getting older. She was very clumsy and fell down all the time. She also struggled to focus. She was a very busy, on the go girl. Her attention span was very short and it was hard to keep her on track. She also got lots of bumps and bruises from falling and crashing into furniture all the time.

Since chiropractic care, my daughter has begun to have more coordination. She is also sleeping better, and is showing readiness to use the potty now. Her speech has just taken off in the last few weeks. I love that the doctors take the time to get to know each member of our family. They remember all the small details and show a genuine interest in our lives. Everyone who works here is so friendly and helpful. We love it here.


lip and tongue tieMy daughter was diagnosed with a lip and tongue tie at birth. She also had acid reflux and clogged eye ducts. The lip/tongue ties are very difficult to work with when trying to breastfeeding. It was painful for me and my daughter had to work extra hard to get what she needed to grow and gain weight. It was very time consuming to keep up with, along with just healing from delivery and taking care of a newborn.

Some days went better than others so it was a roller coaster. If I didn’t have the support of Innate, breastfeeding would have continued to be challenging even after the tie releases. Body work is imperative to correcting an infants nervous system and ability to suck after a tie release.

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My daughter is now breastfeeding with ease and gaining weight they way she should. She doesn’t struggle and with continued adjustments, her nervous system is relaxing. We no longer have to pump, bottle feed, and practice breastfeeding, which allows both of us and our entire family to enjoy each other the way we should. She also no longer has clogged eye ducts and her acid reflux has improved. She is a happy content baby!

Dr. Rick and the entire staff from beginning to end take such great care of us. Dr. Nick worked the schedule to help us in earlier because we needed to be seen. They supported our middle child with his release so we knew exactly who to call when our daughter was diagnosed. I can’t recommend this place enough!


testimonial pediatric extreme gas and fussiness
We brought our son to Innate due to extreme gas and fussiness. At his worst, he was screaming for hours and his dad and I were so stressed not knowing what to do or how to fix it. We were exhausted.

Before starting chiropractic adjustments, we couldn’t even lay him on his back to change his diaper. Now, he doesn’t scream every time he is laid on his back. He is so much happier!

Innate Health has the most welcoming team with such a peaceful environment. The doctors, especially Dr. Nick, really cares about the patients he sees.


testimonial pediatricSince birth, my daughter was exhibiting signs of silent reflux. When laid flat she would almost instantly start to ‘gurgle’ and sounded like she was choking and struggling to breathe. As you can imagine, this made sleep very difficult for her, she was only sleeping for 30-60 minutes by herself in her bassinet. She was also having digestion struggles. She would only sleep upright on my chest, which made sleep very minimal for myself. The lack of sleep made it very difficult for our family to keep up with our active lifestyle. Our pediatrician recommended I try eating dairy free, as she was wondering if dairy was causing her symptoms. This did not resolve her symptoms.

Within a few chiropractic visits, my daughter’s symptoms completely resolved. She no longer struggles with silent reflux symptoms. She can lay flat without ‘gurgling’ and no longer struggles with forceful and excessive digestion. She is sleeping four-five hour stretches at night and our whole household is much happier!

Dr. Nick and the entire staff at Innate are all so welcoming and really listened to our concerns. They are patient and kind and have created a family friendly healing environment. Thank you Dr. Nick and all of the Innate Health team!”


Testimonial pediatric doctor adjusting baby girl
I brought my daughter in when she was 3 weeks old to help with her latch while feeding. She was experiencing clicking on the bottle, air intake while feeding, gas and a painful latch. She required gas drops to relieve fussiness after eating and was spitting up a lot.

My daughter had a tongue tie release procedure done and then we brought her to Innate twice a week for 6 weeks. We saw huge progress after starting her chiropractic care! We no longer need to use gas drops for her at all and saw a reduction of spit up. Her latch improved on the bottle and she did not have any more clicking sounds. We plan to bring her back once a month for follow up visits!


doctor adjusting girl on table
We started our daughter at Innate for overall health. We are working on keeping her dry throughout the night. She has been fully daytime potty trained since she was two years old, but we struggle with bedwetting. After being under pediatric chiropractic care, we are starting to see an improvement of staying dry. She stays dry during naps when she takes them and is staying dry through the night for most nights now. Everyone at Innate Health is wonderful! We walk into smiling faces greeting us and Dr. Rick is top notch on keeping up with our entire families overall health and giving helpful tips to tweak things we might need to help us feel our best.


chiropractor-and-babyMy son was always such a tight baby and I did a ton of research on things that could help. Pediatric Chiropractic care was something I’ve always considered trying with him even before he was born. My son would always arch his back, clench his fists, and whine anytime he was held a certain way. I could tell he was extra tight and needed help! He was always the crankiest when he was held on his side and I knew something was bothering him. When he laid flat, he would cry more than usual and arch like he was in pain. His back always seemed to be uncomfortable.

Ever since I started bringing my son to Dr. Rick, I have noticed a world of difference – he is a noodle! He is now a very happy baby! I also enjoy the conversations with Dr. Rick, as he always has fun stories during my son’s appointments and makes me feel comfortable as he’s handling my baby boy.

The customer service, staff, and doctors truly care about their patients! I never dread coming into the office and seeing everyone’s smiling faces. My son is definitely happier and smiles non-stop now that he is able to move
without pain! In my personal opinion, pediatric chiropractic adjustments are a must for a happy, healthy baby!


pediatric testimonialWe came to Innate because my son was struggling with anxiety, expressive language, and would easily be stressed and angered because of his difficulty expressing himself. He was tired and would shut down.

Being under pediatric chiropractic care at Innate helps my son to stay calm for longer periods of time. For a few days right after an adjustment, his language expression is better and he’s more talkative.

Innate is welcoming with a warm office and employees. Everyone is friendly, loving and really wants to help you feel better. We’re always greeted by name with lots of activities for children to keep them occupied. It’s a fun place to come.


baby patient and chiropractorWe came to Innate because my daughter was lip and tongue tied. She was struggling with proper latching while nursing due to weakness in her lips and tongue. She also was very gassy and we struggled with a lot of reflux. Nighttime was when her symptoms would worsen due to laying flat on her back. She was extremely uncomfortable and was restless.

Since beginning pediatric chiropractic care at Innate, my daughter now sleeps through the night. If she does wake up to eat, she will fall right back to sleep flat on her back without the gas and reflux.

The most impactful thing I’ve experience as her mom is that you do not have to struggle through symptoms like gas and reflux with your baby just because they are common. I’m so glad I was introduced to chiropractic care for my daughter for her symptoms as opposed to over the counter medicine drops.

Thank you for my smiley and happy baby! Thank you to both doctors and all of the staff here at Innate for being so caring, informative, helpful, and understanding. And thank you for making it so easy to bring my toddler with me to every appointment. My toddler loves coming just as as I do because of the fun and inviting environment.


pediatric testimonialMy daughter was projectile vomiting, at least once per day. She was very uncomfortable with gas pains and digestive issues. She was struggling to nurse because she was so uncomfortable and it was very stressful and frustrating on both our ends.

After starting pediatric chiropractic care at Innate, my daughter went from projectile vomiting at least one time per day, to just spitting up. She is nursing without crying and is staying latched on. It’s made our journey easier and less stressful.

I love how nice and welcoming the staff is every time you walk into the office. I think their willingness to work on newborns and how they listen to your frustrations and struggles with them is a game changer. I am super happy how everything has progressed and I am glad I was referred to this office!


baby patient and chiropractorMy daughter was experiencing colic symptoms. She was very gassy, very fussy, uncomfortable and not sleeping well. If she was awake and not eating she was screaming. Because she was so fussy and not sleeping well, this affected me because as her mom I felt terrible that I couldn’t make her feel better. I was also plain exhausted because she didn’t sleep.

Since being under pediatric chiropractic care at Innate, my daughter is now sleeping through the night and not spending 70% of her day crying. She’s developed quite a personality and is all smiles and laughs. I absolutely love this office! The staff is incredible and kind. They genuinely care about you as an individual.


baby patient laying on tableMy daughter was experiencing silent reflux. It was so hard to watch her struggle when she was eating. I would have to hold her straight up after feeds in order for her to have any relief. It was a huge struggle for me as a new time mom trying to heal, as well as take care of her with little sleep due to her being uncomfortable.

I was struggling with an overall connection with my baby due to lack of sleep. Her symptoms were so demanding that I was not getting the rest I needed to enjoy my baby. Not only was it hard for me as her mom, but she was just so uncomfortable when eating. Feedings were not enjoyable for her or I, she simply did not want to eat, making feedings 3x as long. It was really affecting our family.

Since coming to Innate Health Chiropractic, our results have been incredible! We were on a reflux medication twice a day in order to manage her symptoms. We were on a 6 week plan here at Innate Health Chiropractic and within those six weeks, we have almost completely weaned off the medication! She eats 2x as much as she used to, not only because of growth, but because it is now enjoyable for her. She is gaining weight and is overall an extremely happy baby, not to mention she sleeps 12 hours a night and only wakes up and once to feed, where before she was waking up 3-4x a night because of her reflux.

I really love the way everyone makes you if you’re welcome second walk in the door the environment is wonderful. I also love how thorough the doctors are when trying to get to the root of the issue. Explain everything so well and you feel more knowledgeable when you leave. I also really love their values, we love some good worship music while we wait to get adjusted!


smiling patient and chiropractorWe came to Innate Health Chiropractic because my daughter was having problems with headaches, dizziness, and anxiety. She was missing gymnastics sometimes or having to take breaks because of the dizziness and headaches. She was having problems at school with anxiety and getting upset frequently.

After her first couple of adjustments, she was able to nail her round off backhand spring. She participated in her first competition and placed in all events. Her anxiety has gotten better and she’s enjoying school so much more.

We love how friendly everyone is at Innate Health Chiropractic and how easy they all make it to come. My daughter has been terrified of doctors her whole life and was so nervous her first visit. Now she looks forward to coming and doesn’t get nervous at all! She notices a difference after every adjustment.


baby and chiropractorWe came to Innate Health Chiropractic because my son was very gassy, colicky, and was always arching his back. I was always irritated and agitated because I could never put him down without him crying. Getting him to bed was also a nightmare. It was also hard to go out anywhere in public because of this. I could not get him to stop crying or ever put him down until my family suggested I take him to a chiropractor, and that is where Dr. Rick came in!

Since starting pediatric chiropractic care at Innate Health Chiropractic he has been so much easier! He is less gassy and is a lot easier to handle.

We love everything about it here. The doctors, staff and really love the play area for my toddler to play during appointments. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly.


Dr.In summer 2021 our 2.5 year old son started biting his dad and I, all day every day, whenever we got close to him. We had bruises up and down our arms. He also became very aggressive with his baby brother, to the point that we were afraid to take our eyes off them for a second. We worked with early intervention, our pediatrician, and the folks at Innate Health Chiropractic who all concluded he had sensory processing disorder and his behaviors were a form of sensory seeking.

The stress at home was draining for everyone. We were afraid the baby would get seriously hurt and the biting was painful, needless to say. It was depressing and frustrating to not be able to seem to help our son.

Pediatric chiropractic care for our son has been a missing puzzle piece in his treatment. It fits so well with his early intervention therapy; both his pediatrician and therapist were on board with chiropractic. He gets the “good” sensory input he needs and it has, overtime, reduced his negative sensory seeking behaviors. He sleeps better at night. Our family life is much more peaceful. Our son LOVES Dr. Nick and he loves his adjustments!

Everyone is so warm, non-judgmental and insightful. I have learned a lot about our sons diagnosis and the doctors have given me lots of great advice about therapies to try at home, nutrition, sleep, etc. Margie was especially reassuring that we could get on top of the negative behavior without medication or sign into a stupor! And she was right. Care at Innate Health Chiropractic has been an integral part of our son’s treatment and seeing so much progress.

– Molly


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