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Innate Health Chiropractic Reviews – Adults

What Our Perrysburg Patients Say

At Innate Health Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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KatieI came to Innate with reoccurring lower back pain. It seemed to come back every few months and last about 6 weeks at a time. At its worst, it was a constant throbbing pain. When I was feeling good, I felt like I always had to be careful not to cause the pain to come back. When it was hurting, I didn’t want to work out or even walk a lot. It was also difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Since being under chiropractic care at Innate, my pain has gone away and my back feels stronger. I don’t worry about the pain coming back like I used to. This has allowed me to live a more active lifestyle.

Everyone at the office seems very friendly and genuine. I look forward to my appointments because because the adjustments make me feel better, but also because it’s so fun to catch up with the team members!


Dr Nick with MattI came to Innate due to an injury. I was in more pain and discomfort than I had experienced in my lifetime. Never having a serious injury as such, it brought tears to my eyes whenever I coughed or sneezed. After 5 weeks of care at Innate, I am completely pain and symptoms free! The front desk girls are ALWAYS warm and friendly when I’m in the office. Dr. Nick knew just how to adjust so as not to irritate the injured area, while giving care that made my healing process awesome and efficient.


patient Jon When I came to Innate I was suffering from severe sporadic sciatica nerve pain. The pain was interrupting my ability to walk in a normal fashion. Pain in any form is a mood changer, it’s hard to be active when you are in pain.

Since being under chiropractic care at Innate, the pain has been reduced by 90%. I tend to be much more active when it doesn’t hurt to stand up and walk.

The most impactful thing I’ve experienced is the extreme realization of the results I received. When you feel better, you forget how bad you once felt. My mind has been completely changed on the importance of chiropractic care, the environment in which you receive that care, and how chiropractic can make such a profound impact on your attitude, your outlook and your general health. It doesn’t hurt that the staff is amazing. Thank you all for the excellent care you provide.


Ashley When I first came to Innate I had chronic neck pain that was always tight and stiff. There were many days I couldn’t even turn my head to look around. I also had stabbing pain in my hips that made it difficult to sleep. This prevented me from getting up and moving, exercising, and even from sleeping well.

Since being under chiropractic care, I don’t have a daily headache from the tension in my neck, I sleep much easier, and I have started to work out with walking more every day. I can be a more involved mom as well.

I just love the complete atmosphere of the office, the staff are so kind, warm and welcoming. Dr. Nick is always interested in the kids and what they are doing when they come and answers any questions they may have. I definitely recommend Innate Health to everyone!


patient Victoria I came to Innate Health Chiropractic because of shoulder pain and lower back pain. The shoulder pain at its worst felt like needle pinpoints to the point I couldn’t move my arm at all, with tingling all down my arm and into my hand. The back pain was bad to the point if I lay down flat I couldn’t breathe. It made me feel very tired and I had a hard time doing everyday tasks and lifting things at work.

Since being under chiropractic care at Innate, I am now able to do a lot more with little to no pain. I can lift things at work and I sleep better at night as well.

My favorite part of Innate Health Chiropractic is that everyone listens to your concerns and is there to help you get back to feeling like yourself.


patient AnnWhen I first came in I had severe sleep disorders, little range of motion in my shoulders, and abdominal bloating and pain with no rhyme or reason. The fatigue that followed all those symptoms was often debilitating. I felt tired all the time, stressed, anxious and socially insecure. Even eating a well-balanced plant-based meal could cause abdominal bloating and pain. Something had to change.

Dr. Nick and I are still working on resolving the abdominal issues but it is getting a lot better. I have had a complete turn in my sleep issues. I am no longer on any Rx’s or supplements to better my sleep. I fall asleep and say asleep without waking to my mind racing. My range of motion in my shoulders is 100%.

The first time I walked in the office, I knew it was the place I needed to be. I immediately had a feeling of a “weight being lifted.” I felt like I mattered. I was not just a “new patient.” I was someone who needed help and EVERYONE at Innate was determined to do what it took to help me feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually.


patient ChelseaWhen I first visited Innate, I was experiencing severe neck pain; I had been in an accident that had caused this. I was having a hard time falling asleep, along with being in pain throughout the day. I was putting heat and ice on my neck almost daily, to relieve some of the pain. The pain was tolerable, but being in pain everyday was not helping my mental health.

I was very sad about my neck pain. I had lost hope to ever being pain-free again. It didn’t affect my mood all the time, but there were several times where I would just cry because I wanted to be relieved of my neck pain. For the most part, I was in pain all day long, except for when I was sleeping. I would pray to God almost daily to help me with this pain that I was experiencing.

I have had amazing results! I have thanked God so many times for allowing me to find Innate and Dr. Rick. After my first adjustment, I regained hope for my future. I am now in a much better mood because of all the progress that we have made.

Before seeing Dr. Rick I had lost all hope. I felt that I was going to be in some sort of pain for the rest of my life. But after the first adjustment, I went to bed that night with no neck pain. I couldn’t believe it! I cried tears of joy because I had regained all hope that I had previously lost. I am so grateful that I found Innate and have been blessed
to have Dr. Rick as a chiropractor. Everyone at Innate is so incredibly sweet and kind! From day one I have been treated like family. The staff is always in a great mood, always have smiles on their faces and are always so incredibly helpful! I am so grateful and blessed!


Patient GavinAfter taking a bad fall snowboarding, I had pretty much lost all mobility in my lower back. I couldn’t touch my toes, it was so bad I almost had to ask for help putting pants and socks on. Walking was a struggle, sleeping was a pain and overall it just made every day a STRUGGLE.

I completely lost my ability to work out, just trying to pick something up off the floor at work brought me excruciating pain. It completely ruined my daily mood because every day I woke up knowing I had to work consisted of me knowing I was going to be in pain all day. It definitely affected my social life, considering I went to work and came straight home every night just to get off my feet and rest.

Since beginning chiropractic care at Innate, my results have been TREMENDOUS. After my first visit, I felt good enough to go to work without wincing in pain, I was by no means “fixed” but was for sure heading in the right direction. In the past 2 months, all the pain and stress I had in my back is completely gone. Dr. Nick brought the curve back in my neck and relieved all the stress in my neck that I’ve been dealing with since High School. Overall, my everyday mindset and mood have drastically improved due to how good I feel every time I leave this place.

I’ve attended one other chiropractic office in my life and was so happy when I was told I was “fixed” and didn’t have to go anymore. After coming to Innate Health I don’t ever want to leave, the experience I’ve had here has made me want to incorporate chiropractic into my everyday life because of how good it makes me feel. I’ve never met a more welcoming and wholesome staff in my life, they truly make it a joyful experience to be here. Their doctors never overwork you, they take you step by step through your entire healing journey, making it a rejuvenating and enjoyable experience that you’ll never want to shake.


Doc with SydneyI came to Innate because my neck was very stiff and hard to move. I felt uncomfortable most of the time. It was very frustrating because I have 3 small children. Not being able to move fully, quickly, and without pain became very difficult.

After beginning chiropractic care at Innate, I felt relief almost immediately. I think the biggest way it has improved my life is through my mindset. I have been more aware of how my body is feeling and I felt better just by setting aside time to improve the quality of how my body moves and feels. Being a stay at home/working mom of 3, it is easy to ignore my needs and this has definitely been a catalyst to me being more intentional with caring for myself and making myself a priority with the intention to positively affect my family.

The Innate Team is absolutely wonderful! As someone who works in customer service, I am very impressed with how the staff goes above and beyond to be kind, care for, and accommodate you and your family. I have 3 small children that I bring in with me and they are more than willing to help entertain and be kind to them. I do not feel like an inconvenience one bit which is a HUGE relief. The atmosphere of the office is so comfortable and relaxed. Lastly, I love how open and flexible the schedules are. They are wonderful!


Patient Ed and his doctorI came to Innate Health Chiropractic because I had a snapping hip flexor, IT band issues, and lower leg imbalance. I experienced a constant tight hip flexor while driving, at work, and during running or exercising.

Since being under chiropractic care at Innate I have more balance, mobility, and the tools to maintain ideal body mechanics during the adjustment and after at home.

Being an Osteopathic Physician, I love talking with Dr. Rick about different theories and techniques to do with manual medicine from the way I have learned vs. the chiropractic method.



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