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Innate Health Chiropractic Reviews – Prenatal

What Our Perrysburg Patients Say

At Innate Health Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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ChristinaWith pregnancy comes both joy and challenges. During this pregnancy, I experienced pain from my back and pinched nerves. At my worst, I could not lift nor move my right leg. To say scared was my emotion is not even close.

In short, because of this entire back situation, I lost my motivation and energy to do the things I needed to do around the house for my two year
old. In saying the situation was dire is not even close to how my family needed me.

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Since being under chiropractic care at Innate, I have had a change as distinct as night and day. When I arrived I could barely walk into the doctors office. They had to wheel me around in an office chair. On day one, Dr. Sabrina gave me not just attention, but love. She worked on me and day one I was able to walk normal again. I had an extreme decrease in my amount of pain. What I have really seen is I am more me because I’m getting rid of pain and gaining mobility.

The Innate doctors do not treat me in a cold clinical manner. They absolutely care about and love their patients. Their understanding when I was at my worst is something I have literally never seen at ANY other doctors office. It’s clear they truly care about their patients beyond anything, which helps with the adjustments as well as progress!! I hands down would say if you’re reading this and have pain, back issues or something else, reach out to this doctors office!


MeganWhen I first came to Innate Health Chiropractic, I was feeling tension and stiffness in my neck, back and shoulders, which I was feeling more since being pregnant. I was exhausted and knew that I have always had a weak immune system. Every day, I would wake up sore and not feeling good. I was always complaining of back pain and exhaustion.

Beginning care at Innate has been the best thing I have done for my body and my pregnancy. I have more energy to live my everyday life. I do not wake up in pain anymore and overall I am healthier. The environment here is amazing! Every person who works here makes you feel welcome. This has made a tremendous impact on my pregnancy!


Amanda and Dr. Nick
I was 36 weeks pregnant and my baby was breech. I wanted to avoid having an external cephalic version to turn him or a c-section. Someone suggested finding a chiropractor who specializes in the Webster Technique.

I found Innate Health and started care under Dr. Nick. After about 7 adjustments my baby was head down – the Webster Technique was a success!Dr. Nick and his team were very accommodating as I had a small window of opportunity to have my baby turn. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming!”


AbbyI found Innate Health Chiropractic online when I was pregnant. I was looking for a chiropractor that worked with pregnant women and when I saw that Dr. Nick was a Christian, I knew that I wanted to give the office a try! I really liked what they spoke of on their website about their beliefs.

My husband had old sport injuries that were always flaring up, especially when we would work out. He was having limited motion in his shoulders because of it. He also was having hip issues with wearing his heavy police belt. He had always ignored his pain problems and just checked it up to playing ball. It was limiting his ability to work out, was affecting his sleep, and was constantly causing him pain.

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After our son was born, He was having difficulty eating and was also having problems with stomach pains.

Chiropractic care has been great for our family! I had a great natural delivery and I’m feeling healthy. My husband has motion back in his shoulders again and is back to working out and feeling much better. Our son is growing like crazy and now eats like a champ! I love that the three of us get to now go together and make it a family affair!

Dr. Nick, Grace, and Jessie are such a warm and welcoming staff and team to be served by. They remember small tidbits about your life to make you feel like an integral part of the office and make you instantly feel comfortable. Dr. Nick is helping our little family to feel well and be in top running condition. We are new to the area and our visits to Dr. Nick and the team were a big part of making this area feel like home. We always go in happy, and always leave even happier and feeling great. I would recommend Innate Health Chiropractic to anyone who wants a life change for the better!


CaitlinI had an uncomplicated pregnancy with my third child up until 37 weeks, when a routine ultrasound showed my baby had flipped transverse. I had one week to let him turn or they would take him via c-section. I went into panic mode trying inversion techniques and looking for a chiropractor who was certified in the Webster Technique. I called Dr. Nick’s office and was greeted by a friendly voice, who instantly put me at ease. They got me in that day to meet Dr. Nick and begin the process. That night, after my first adjustment, I felt a lot of movement and pressure. He had flipped! I continued with care and at 41 weeks had my son naturally, with no complications!


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