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ThomasOur little guy has had sleep problems (never napped well or slept through the night and required swaddling until 7-8 months), a speech delay, tree nut allergy, seasonal allergies, eczema, and recently has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder. We have been dealing with almost all of these issues since birth! It goes in waves in terms of being at its worst, but let’s put it this way – we have never had a full week where he slept through the night in his entire life!Because our son doesn’t sleep, or communicate, because he is uncomfortable due to his allergies and eczema, because the sensory disorder makes it hard for him to focus and cooperate, and because he needs so much stimulation, we do not get sleep and find each day to be absolutely exhausting. Since starting chiropractic care under Dr. Nick, we have seen tremendous improvement!

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We are getting many more sleep filled nights with NO waking! His talking has literally taken off and he is now counting to ten. His need for Claritin is down to maybe once a week, and we have barely used his steroid and cortisone creams. He is cooperating much more and is able to focus on activities. Lastly, he has been much more manageable in terms of his need for stimulation!!! We feel like we are finally getting somewhere with him!We have to say that Dr. Nick and his staff have been so kind, patient and amazing. But most of all they LISTENED to each and every one of our issues and realized the impact they were having on the whole family! They have explained so much to me and have helped me to realize that by getting to the root of his problem, everything else will fall into place – and it already has!!! We will continue to take our son to Innate Health and we now know it was the missing link for his development! Highly recommend! I cannot say enough of how big the improvements are that we see and are continuing to see with him! Thank you Dr. Nick!


Jennie's SonThis little guy has been struggling with his speech and communication skills. After trying speech therapy, his mom decided to bring him to see Dr. Nick. In just a few chiropractic adjustments, his speech level test results jumped from 20 months to 30 months!

His mom says – “He has increased his speech which has helped him communicate better with people. Everyone at Innate Health is very caring and concerned, always asking how we are doing!”


ErynnMy ear problems began when I was 5 or 6 years old, after a horrible ear infection. My breathing problems began when I was 8 years old. I had these problems for 4 or 5 years. I went to the doctor, but nothing helped. We put tubes in my ears, they would draw my blood, give me shots, and medications like pills. These didn’t work much. I went to the doctor to get a shot to strengthen my immune system, but it didn’t work. The worst it has been is my ears hurting so much and having trouble breathing, but we don’t know what caused them. I had a much harder time listening in Cross Country and I spent a lot of time with my ears on my shoulders.

My mother found out about Innate Health Chiropractic through a mom’s group on Facebook. Since being under care with Dr. Nick, I can breathe much easier and the bubbles are ceasing, which results in a much easier life! Things are louder than usual. I can run without pain in my lungs and I am listening much better. And when Dr. Nick started adjusting my nose, I am not stuffed up anymore! Thank you Chiropractic! Dr. Nick is a very cheerful, funny, and experienced doctor – probably the best in the area! His team are very funny, cheerful and kind as well.


NicholasYou should know that last May, when I lamented about Nicholas’ relentless ear infections…even after surgical tube placement…I received multiple referrals from readers begging me to take him to Dr. Nick Goin. Dr. Nick is a chiropractor in Perrysburg who was helping other kids shake their ear infections through specialized pediatric chiropractic care.

At first I was skeptical and my husbands eyes practically rolled out of his head at the thought of chiropractic care, but I was willing to try anything. Prior to chiropractic care, Nicholas’ record for being off of antibiotics and ear infection free was a mere 11 days. Since Nicholas began care with Dr. Nick, he’s gone four months with only one ear infection and one round of antibiotics. You all have been such a blessing in Nicholas’ life


PaigeOur 6 month old daughter, Paige, has suffered from severe reflux since the day she was born. I was washing 35 burp cloths, twice a day! We felt so helpless and she seemed miserable. At 4 weeks old, we started her on Zantac. At 8 weeks, we upped the dose. At 12 weeks, we switched to Prilosec. At 4 months we couldn’t take it anymore so we turned to social media! I asked for alternative ideas and several people recommended chiropractors. I was uneasy about taking my infant daughter and letting someone manipulate her spine. It sounded crazy to me! But we were desperate so I researched every name that was given to me. Dr. Nick’s website blew my mind. Testimonial after testimonial…and he was the only one who seemed to specialize in pediatrics! We convinced ourselves to try it. Dr. Nick is wonderful! Paige loves him! The difference in our child after THE FIRST VISIT was night and day. She didn’t spit up AT ALL that night. It was amazing! We continued with our care and now we can use 1 burp cloth all day! We are all much happier now. We are so thankful we took the chance and tried chiropractic care for our baby. I wish we would have tried it sooner! I would recommend Dr. Nick and his team to anyone! I love the continued support and the ongoing continuing education opportunities they offer as well. Innate Health Chiropractic is the real deal!

-Sarah and Aaron

CalenShortly after our son Calen was born, we noticed that he was having problems with digestion and constipation. We tried everything that we could think of, but nothing worked. Nothing would relieve him. After six months we were at a loss. His doctor said that his condition was temporary, but he was so uncomfortable that he couldn’t sleep longer that 20-45 minutes. After seeing some promising results that my niece had experienced through chiropractic care, we decided to give it a try. We were desperate and willing to do anything that would help our son find relief from his chronic constipation and to sleep better. After 3 weeks under the care of Dr. Nick at Innate Health Chiropractic, Calen began sleeping through the night, and has been ever since! He has also been having healthy bowel movements as any normal baby should. Taking Calen to see Dr. Nick at Innate Health was indeed the best decision that we have ever made for our son!


JennieI have endometriosis, which began during grad school in 2014. The pain was at its worst before I was diagnosed. There are pockets of pain and pressure “ouch balloons” that pop up occasionally. I had such bad nausea that I hadn’t eaten a full meal in almost a year. I couldn’t move, bend, or do anything without feeling like I was being cut in half. My life consisted of intense pain every day with marginal relief when I laid down. My body would not respond to normal pain medications, which actually worsened the pain. I saw six doctors, tried three or four medical procedures, and seven different medications without success. One day, my church mentor referred me to Dr. Nick. After my first adjustment, I gained my appetite back! I can now move more freely and have a social life again! My energy and stamina are up, and I can keep up with my students. My pain is now manageable – a level 0-3 instead of previously being a level 5-7. The “ouch balloons” are at bay! Innate Health Chiropractic feels like coming home. Dr. Nick is so incredibly caring and wise. He thoroughly explains what he is doing, what he is not doing, and why. The entire staff genuinely cares about my health and well-being. I would be in such a rough place without the amazing care of Dr. Nick and his staff. Chiropractic is for EVERYONE!


EdMy wife and several neighbors suggested that I come to see Dr. Nick at Innate Health Chiropractic, but I was skeptical of chiropractic. I wasn’t sleeping well, had lower back pain, had just been diagnosed with a dermatitis I had never had before, and have a high stress executive level job. All in all, I was a mess and in need of some relief. I went to the dermatologist who prescribed topical steroids and a prescription shampoo. We purchased a sleep number bed in the hopes that my back pain would resolve. I also changed my diet to lose weight, hoping this would help my overall health, sleep, and lower stress. Given the high energy required for my job I needed better sleep, couldn’t sit for long periods, and was embarrassed by my new dermatitis. This all made me unhappy, moody, and overall worried about my health and whether I could sustain the job pace. Over the course of three months under the care of Dr. Nick, my sleep has improved (7 hours per night!), my dermatitis has resolved (weaned the medication over several weeks and with chiropractic it was gone), stress is more manageable, and my lower back pain is gone! Innate Health Chiropractic is bright, cheerful, and has a nice recovery feel to it. The staff are always courteous, friendly, and acknowledge you by name (they never forget or seem to have to ask twice). Dr. Nick makes you feel comfortable and takes the time necessary to listen to your individual needs when enacting the care plan. He adjusts his clinical focus to the patients need and even provided me with empirical information backing up his chiropractic claims!


CharityMy particular condition is Hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is when the thyroid gland is overactive and makes excessive amounts of thyroid hormones. Also I had extreme back pain. I found out that I had hyperthyroidism in the summer of 2014 during a checkup with my family doctor. I had not been to the doctors in about a year and my physician wanted to do blood work to see how I was doing. The blood worked showed I had hyperthyroidism. I have had hyperthyroidism for about a year now. On my worst days I would be really exhausted and I would be really irritable to my family for no reason at all.

I started going to an endocrinologist and I was put on a medication to try to slow down my thyroid gland from making too many hormones. The medication showed no signs of improvement so my doctors kept upping the dosage. My dosage got so high that it was way past the recommended amount. There was still no signs of improvement in my blood work. The doctors were starting to pressure me to either get surgery to remove my thyroid or to kill my thyroid with radiation.

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If I had gone through with either of the two more extreme options, it could have affected my future greatly. There are always risks when it comes to surgery and radiation and it could have affected my ability to have children one day. As a 21 year old, I didn’t want to have to take such extreme measures!

One day, Dr. Nick did a presentation at my mom’s office. My mom was trying to find some other solution that could help my condition. My family had been to chiropractors before, but Dr. Nick’s practice was unlike any chiropractors that we had been to in the past. We thought that we could give his care a chance because it wasn’t like I could get much worse.

I started noticing improvement almost immediately after my adjustments started. I was less irritable, I had more energy, and my back pain lessened greatly. My family even noticed that I started standing up straighter instead of slouching. After about a month of care I had more blood work done and my levels had come down enough for my doctors to stop pressuring the surgery. After another month of care at Innate, my dosage was reduced again because my thyroid levels were regulating. I am hopeful to soon be completely off the medication because my thyroid levels continue to be regulated with chiropractic care!

At first I was very skeptical of chiropractor’s but after care with Dr. Nick and the improvement to my conditions, I am a believer. Dr. Nick and his team at Innate Health Chiropractic have been extremely kind and caring towards my family and I. They are always happy to see you and they really care how you are doing. Everyone at Innate Health are full of energy and they are truly a pleasure to be around.


ColeCole starting showing signs of colic around three weeks of age. After a couple of weeks of a very unhappy baby and many sleepless nights I started doing some research. I had never heard of pediatric chiropractic care. I found Innate Health Chiropractic online and started reading through the testimonials!

I called and spoke with Grace and she was so positive about chiropractic care that I decided to schedule an appointment. Cole had his first appointment when he was almost 5 weeks old. I felt very comfortable with every aspect of my appointment because Grace, Ashley & Dr. Nick explained the entire process in great detail. Dr. Nick is awesome and was so good with Cole. Ilearned that Cole had some misalignments (subluxations) in his spine. He was born via C-section which made so much sense to me that the pulling could put all that stress on his little body!

After his first adjustment we noticed immediate improvement – in the form of a CHILLED OUT baby! It was like he could really relax for the first time in his short little life! Cole starting sleeping through the night at 8 weeks and his over all demeanor gets better by the day! My husband, Cole and I are so grateful to have found Innate Health Chiropractic! We highly recommend anyone that is experiencing a baby with colic to check them out!


Dr. Nick Goin and patient, BrianaMeet this awesome little lady, Briana: Briana came to Innate Health Chiropractic just over a month ago. She has been struggling with bed wetting for 7 years! Throughout the years she has seen many doctors, tried medications and even had a surgical procedure done to help fix it but nothing has worked. Briana said she would feel embarrassed and sad because dry nights were few and far between. Dr. Nick did scans and assessed her nervous system and said he could absolutely help!

Now Briana doesn’t have to worry anymore about taking extra clothes to a friend’s house and she has had almost a perfect record of dry nights! She likes coming to Innate Health because Dr. Nick is “so nice” and she “loves getting adjusted.”

MacKenzieIf you are looking to live a healthier life I HIGHLY recommend stopping in and talking to Dr. Nick and his WONDERFUL staff! For those who aren’t aware of our journey these last 3 years, Mackenzie struggles with ADD. We have done okay with supplements through now. But this past fall we were introduced to Dr. Nick and his wife Ashley and we decided to check out chiropractic care. Through the school year Mackenzie has done leaps and bounds better than before! She ended her year with ALL A’s in every subject EVEN MATH! She can actually FOCUS and concentrate which allows her to catch on to and remember her school work. Praising God for His Blessings!

– Stacie (MacKenzie’s Mom)

BrooklynLet us introduce you to one of our awesome patients, Miss Brooklyn! Brooklyn came to us and was having frequent colds, ear infections, digestive challenges and was not napping well. After being on four rounds of antibiotics to battle ear infections, Brooklyn’s Mom decided to try chiropractic as a solution to stop the frequent ear infections, as she was hoping to avoid having tubes placed. We are so happy to announce that she is now living life with no limits!!!

Today her Mom reports she is healthier and happier overall, no ear infections AT ALL since being under Dr. Nick’s care, more regular bathroom visits and napping for 2-3 hours versus only napping one hour at a time before care.

Through gentle adjustments, Dr. Nick has been able to restore brain-body communication, therefore allowing her body to function at 100%. God created the body with the most amazing healing power, and chiropractic care simply allows the body to function and heal the way it was designed to. Miss Brooklyn loves coming into the office and her adorable smile is contagious to us all!

Dr. Nick Goin with patient, Saorise.“Saoirse had been suffering from colic/reflux and persistent ear infections since she was about 4 weeks old. She would not sleep unless held, she ate poorly, sometimes spitting up most of what she ate and would frequently grab her ears and scream in pain. We literally tried EVERYTHING. Probiotics, garlic drops, antibiotics, more homeopathic remedies and even a different chiropractor. I was desperate to get her some relief, so I decided to make the 35 minute drive to see Dr. Nick, as I had heard many great things about his office. After only 4 visits, she was already sleeping better, eating better and her ear infections completely gone!

We’re so grateful that Dr. Nick could help her. Its truly a miracle.”

– Jamie (Mom)

RheveI had stomach pains for a little over a year. I would wake up and my stomach would hurt. I would have to stop whatever I was doing because of these pains.” At the end of the summer before school, I went to a GI specialist. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and put on three different types of medication. Over the course of five months, I had a scope and two different MRI’s. In January, my mom was told about a pediatric and family chiropractor in Perrysburg and was told that he could help with my stomach pains. I was a little skeptical, but was willing to try anything just to lose the stomach pains, which was definitely the right decision! Three months later I am off ALL pills, made a full recovery, and almost completely pain free! Thanks to Dr. Nick and everyone at Innate Health Chiropractic for helping me and making my recovery easy and fun!


RachaelMy mom is a patient at Innate Health Chiropractic, so she brought me in with her because my doctor was running out of answers. About 3 1/2 years ago, I had developed a terrible series of stomach troubles. I was constantly bent over in pain, which made it difficult to even stand up straight or walk. I have always loved playing sports in school, but by the end of my sophomore year I had to quit them all, including soccer which was my favorite! Even basic exercise was too much for me. My medical doctors performed a series of scans and ultrasounds, with diagnostics ranging from a hernia to IBS, but nothing was for sure and no medications were working. Since starting care at Innate, I feel so much better! I can now stand up straight, exercise again, and I finally no more stomach pain! I am so excited to start playing soccer again! Thank you Dr. Nick!


Photograph of KirstaWhen I first met Dr. Nick & Ashley, they seemed like wonderful people, but I was a chiropractic skeptic. I’m active, eat well, and take care of my body, so thought I’d never need a chiropractor and “didn’t want to have to keep going”. However, I had lingering lower back/left flank pain, so after a couple trips to my doctor, Flexiril prescriptions, advice to go to PT, extra core exercises, and nothing working, I felt like I needed to do something different. The trigger was when I couldn’t even roll over in bed without waking up from pain, let alone do my normal workouts! So I took the plunge and called Innate Health.

Turns out, I simply had never been educated about the positives of chiropractic. And especially wasn’t aware of the different approach that Dr. Nick takes with his patients. After just one consultation, I realized that while Dr. Nick helps treat the symptoms, he’s really trying to get to the root cause of the problem. My biggest issue that was obvious from the x-rays was that my lower spine had started to curve to the left, and the scans showed major stress in my neck and lower back, too.

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At my first adjustment, Dr. Nick adjusted my C5 (upper spine) — and immediately, I felt a release in my lower back. If one adjustment could provide relief like that, I couldn’t wait to see where my care plan took me. I’ve been seeing Dr. Nick since December 2014 and in those 2.5 months, I’ve seen only good things! My lower back has much relief, but other things that I didn’t expect are happening too — no sinus infections (I usually get 2-3/year), my thyroid kicking into gear (I lost 4 lbs in the first 2 weeks of treatment, with no changes to diet or exercise)!

When I started seeing results, I decided it might be worthwhile to bring in my daughter. Ava is 13 months and was still struggling to sleep through the night. (That’s a long time and one tired mama!) Plus she was having some digestive issues; After just one adjustment, Ava’s sleep improved (and is now typically sleeping 10 hours a night) and her digestive issues have basically cleared up! Overall, our care at Innate Health Chiropractic has been phenomenal and I recommend them to all my friends & family. (My mom & sis go for their consultations this week — woo hoo!) Thank you for helping us work towards our “innate health!


Photo of AnsonAnson’s mom brought him to see Dr. Nick when he turned 2 months old. This little guy was experiencing a lot of reflux, colic, and would always arch is back in discomfort. Anson was also born a few weeks early, and would only take a small amount of milk at a time.

Since being under the care of Dr. Nick, Anson’s mom is happy to report that he is a completely different baby, for the better! He is no longer experiencing reflux and colic, and has been eating twice as much and gaining weight like a champ! Not to mention better sleep and digestion!

We are so blessed to be able to impact the lives of little ones like Anson and his family!

AshleyI had heard about Innate Health Chiropractic in a “Mom’s Group” and after looking at their website my husband and I were intrigued. My husband has had amazing result with chiropractic care and was a believer while I was a bit more hesitant. We decided to check out the open house and after meeting Dr. Nick and Ashley we were immediately put at ease.

At the time we had a 10 month old daughter, Annabella, who was still waking 4-8 times a night. I was beyond exhausted and willing to give anything a shot. We all ended up becoming patients at Innate; my husband has some old workout injuries and I have an autonomic nervous system disorder that causes dizziness, numbness, and tachycardia.

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Dr. Nick sat down with us and took the time to get the whole picture – he explained every step of the way and really got to know us and our lifestyle. There was never a moment in our treatment plan that we felt alone or unheard. Everybody at Innate Health Chiropractic was constantly checking in to see how we were doing. Whenever a question or concern came up they were there to listen and address it. Today, I am happy to say we are all sleeping better! Annabella is down to 1-2 wakings at night and is thriving. We are all less stressed, healthier, and pain free. We feel so amazing that we are heading to Disney for a half marathon this month! Thank you to Innate Health Chiropractic for taking the time to listen and providing care that is above and beyond….we are truly grateful!


NoahNoah has struggled with sleeping for several months. He was yelling out in the night and jumping up and running around. After coming to Dr. Nick at Innate Health Chiropractic we have seen a wonderful improvement in his sleep. He has been sleeping longer without waking and without tossing and turning! Chiropractic care plus the essential oils we use is the perfect combination for Noah! We are so thankful for the Innate Health Family!

-Kelly (Noah’s mom)

KamiI have had lower back pain for 8 years. I couldn’t sleep, stand, sit or lay down; it always hurt. Dr. Nick has helped me not only with the pain, but the tightness as well. I also started having neck pain which has gone away! Doctors told me it was just something I would have to “live with”. Doctors only recommended steroid shots and pain medications which only gave temporary relief.

Having 2 you children and a fitness business, I couldn’t continue having this pain and re-injuring/re-aggravating my lower back. I had to take off work for doctors appointments and due to the unbearable pain in both my back and neck. I would have difficulties picking up my children, lifting them into their cribs and car seats. I hit a breaking point and knew I needed help, but that all the doctors would do was treat the symptoms not the cause. I knew I needed to get to the root of the problem. I was referred to Innate Health Chiropractic by my friend Kirsta. Chiropractic has changed my life for the better! I feel healthier from the inside out and I have no pain!

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I can lift my children without worrying about the pain. I’ve also noticed improved digestion, better posture and improved sleep! I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Nick to my friends and family. I feel that the mission and philosophy of Innate Health completely aligns with my beliefs of healing the body from the inside out. Not only does Dr. Nick focus on the spine, but overall health and wellness including fitness, family & faith. His approach is to get to the root of the problem, to treat the cause not just manage the symptoms!


LoriWhen I started care at Innate Health Chiropractic I had a severe pain running from my left hip down to my knee. It began in early summer at the cause of the pain is still a mystery to me. When the pain was at it’s worst I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) walk or if I did I would have to drag my leg. I tried pain killers but nothing got to the cause of my problem. This pain affected every area of my life! I heard about Innate Health Chiropractic from my son and daughter in law and they suggested that I give Dr. Nick a try. I have had amazing results! I wake up not thinking about the pain because there is none! I am not limping anymore and I am 99% back to normal. The office and Dr. Nick are great, the atmosphere is very friendly!


Dr. Nick and NicoleAt a young age, Nicole was diagnosed with scoliosis, which resulted with metal rods being placed in her spine. Over time, she had developed tingling and numbness sensations in her neck, along with reoccurring headaches and lower back pain.

Since starting care with Dr. Nick, Nicole is happy to report that she has no more back pain, headaches or numbness/tingling! She has also found that she has a stronger immune system now, which helps in taking care of her family!

Lindsey S.At 9 months old, Vivian was waking up 6-10 times per night. She would cry and arch her back until she wore herself out enough to fall back asleep. During the day, Vivian avoided solid foods and had stomach troubles when she would eat. Mom and Dad were exhausted and unsure what to do. Mom heard about Dr. Nick at Innate Health on Facebook and decided it was worth a try! Dr. Nick was the first doctor to ask about our entire picture – pregnancy, birth, diet, and lifestyle. It was a relief for Mom to feel HEARD and understood. Dr. Nick took the time to put together a plan and explain it to mom and dad. Two weeks after beginning care, Vivian was sleeping 8-10 hours at night and eating three solid meals a day! Vivian is overall happier, even when she wakes up. Mom and Dad are more rested and happier too! We are so grateful for Dr. Nick and his team!

-Lindsey S. (Vivian’s Mom)

Dr. Nick and MaebelMaebel’s severe reflux began at 2 days old. I was very skeptical to use chiropractic care for my newborn. My mother had heard about Innate Health Chiropractic from Rivercrest OBGYN so she called and spoke with Dr. Nick. I have learned it’s not all about cracking bones in the spine. I tried to find a pediatric chiropractor in my area, however they said they used spinal manipulation by adjusting bones. I knew that wasn’t what I wanted! After reading about Dr. Nick on his website and what others said (how he doesn’t crack bones in babies) I thought we needed to try something.

Maebel’s pediatrician gave her a medication for the reflux but it only made it worse. She had to stay constantly upright so she wouldn’t have milk come out her nose and mouth. After almost 2 weeks of no weight gain I called Innate Health for an appointment. I drove to Perrysburg and met with Dr. Nick. He did a thermal scan on Maebel’s spine to see where the pressure was. I had no idea the spine was broken into so many areas and it affects so many things with the baby. Dr. Nick showed me where the pressure was and that it was affecting her digestion and small intestines! After the first adjustment we noticed significant improvement. She didn’t spit up nearly as much and has been able to sleep on her back for the first time! I also don’t have to check on her every 5 minutes to ensure she isn’t choking on spitup. Maebel has had 3 adjustments so far and is showing hardly any signs of reflux. Not many doctors go in detail about problems and explain the actual root cause of issues. Dr. Nick did and even gave us his personal cell phone number and wanted us to call if we needed to know more! We even scheduled an appointment for our oldest daughter who was born with bilateral clubfeet. I love the fact that he said “a good chiropractor will know when and when not to adjust” Who does that now days?! Truly a blessing what he has done for Maebel and our family!

-Kimberly (Maebel’s Mom)

JessicaWhen I began care at Innate Health Chiropractic, I had bad sciatic pain and low back pain due to my 2nd pregnancy. It started in my mid second trimester and I had terrible sharp shooting pains down my right backside and down my hamstring. It was hard to play with my toddler and complete tasks through the day. I tried walking and stretching to relieve the pain, but resting with my legs up was the only thing that seemed to work.

After I was active again, the pain would always return. The pain was making it difficult to keep up with my toddler and do my everyday tasks at home as a stay at home mom. Since starting care at Innate Health Chiropractic, my sleep has improved, I have no more sciatic pain and my low back pain has decreased significantly! Now late in my 3rd trimester I can still keep up (pain free) with my toddler and get things done around the house with time to spare. I am able to now lightly exercise as well.

Getting adjusted is more than having your back feel better – it’s overall health. Dr. Nick has made me feel comfortable and at ease about making sure my spine is aligned so that my body can operate at it’s maximum potential! The office and team are friendly, professional and extremely informative! I would recommend people to be open to chiropractic care as a way to maximize and heal their bodies!

-Jessica Z.

Top notch! Dr. Nick introduced me to new, painless and effective chiropractic methods along with an all-encompassing health program. Calm, soothing atmosphere. Immaculately clean yet comfortable. As soon as you walk in the door you feel welcome and know that you’re in expert hands. I have recommended IHC to many of my friends and family.”

-Mary M.

Kailey and Remington“I was never a believer in Chiropractic for healing ailments. However after one visit to Dr.Nick I was a believer! My 4 week old was having horrible reflux symptoms, and after his adjustment he was a new baby! He was comfortable and happy. I am excited to continue treatment and watch as my little guy continues to have happy days. The staff at Innate Health is so sweet! Ashley played with my other boys while I stayed with the baby. I never leave having any questions. They both explain everything in easy to understand terms and really make you feel like you are a part of the treatment process.

I highly recommend Innate Health for any chiropractic need.

-Kailey and Remington W.

Miss RyleeMeet Miss Rylee!!

This rockstar girl was suffering from constant foot pain and a chronic nighttime cough that just wouldn’t go away. Since starting under care, she has not complained of any foot pain and no longer has any coughing spells at night!

It’s amazing how the body heals when there is no interference!

monicaI injured my lower back in 2011 during my collegiate gymnastics center. This was at the end of my sophomore year. After getting an MRI, I learned that I had a bulged a disc and had stenosis. I figured it was something I had to live with the rest of my gymnastics career and my life. I went to see a physical therapist to help with the injury. Although I was able to return to gymnastics, I had to manage the pain by working with my athletic trainer. The injury made gymnastics painful, but manageable. After my gymnastics career was over, I began CrossFit. The injury has been something I have had to be very cautious about. I was referred to Dr. Nick by Mitch, the owner and head coach at CrossFit Crowned (formerly CrossFit Perrysburg). Dr. Nick has been able to help me to continue CrossFit after my most recent pain issues arose. Although the pain improvement is a gradual process, I am still able to workout as normal with improved recovery rates! Dr. Nick and his wife Ashley are very open and welcoming. They have been a big help and support in my ambitions to continue CrossFit and live a healthy life! I really like how their practice promotes health as a whole and not just in regards to spinal/neck injury. Health and fitness are big parts of my life and they are a great supporters of that!

elitestimonyI have a testimony for my 24 month old with Dr. Nick! Our little man has struggled with digestive issues since birth. I understand that a lot of his issues were from the trauma of his birth and inheriting bad gut flora from his momma (due to my life of prescription medications for asthma and allergies and also poor health care). Our son’s digestive issues were causing bumpy eczema all over his body; he developed many food intolerance; and rarely, rarely has a solid bowl movement, even though he is on an elimination diet. I am thankful I have healed a lot (through food, lifestyle changes and now Chiropractic care with Dr. Nick). I was able to extend breastfeeding him in attempts to help to heal him further. However, I am exhausted with my own personal efforts to help my son and plus, we haven’t seen any big changes in my son in two years. So, a few weeks ago my 24 month old and I went in to see Dr. Nick. When Dr. Nick did the Rolling Thermal Scan on my son it showed that his nervous system was stressed right where his gut & digestion is! Dr. Nick said, ” not that this is necessarily a good thing, but it confirms all of the issues you were describing to me about your son. But it’s good because we can help him!

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That night I actually cried to my husband because I felt so relieved and hopeful that some of the weight we have been trying to deal with our son could be taken off. He needed more care than we were able to help him with. Having a holistic mindset, we didn’t want to medicate him, but actually heal him and Dr. Nick seemed to be our missing link. After my son’s second adjustment he had his first solid bowel movement in a very long time! YAY! And has gotten adjusted several times after that, still having solid bowel movements! His little body is healing so fast! When we go get adjusted, I tell my son Dr. Nick is going to rub his back. He understands it, knows the adjustment is not going to hurt him and that it is fun. It amazing to actually see my little one lay there and get adjusted, I am so grateful for that. Our home is overjoyed!

-Alex (Eli’s Mom)
Alex S.I have a testimonial! I am 30 weeks pregnant and Dr. Nick has been seeing me for the past two weeks, I am mostly struggling with pregnancy aches and pains and overall health. Before my first adjustment, my midwife said my baby was down but facing out. After my first adjustment, the baby was turning, she isn’t quite in her full “ready” position, but she is turning! After my third adjustment, I went and ran a few errands. As, I was walking I noticed that I was walking taller, a new feeling but it felt great! During that adjustment prior Dr. Nick told me that he felt a lot of pressure on my right side of my belly release. I am sure that helped me walk a little taller too. Now after today’s adjustment, I have that feeling that you get after you do yoga. Yogi’s know what I am talking about.. that relaxed, yet stretch sensation and that feeling like you just did something really really good for your body. I am overwhelmed by how good I feel! Dr. Nick and Ashley are kind, hospitable and you can tell they love what they do. Plus, Dr. Nick has been working on my 24 month old and I can’t get over how good he is with him.

-Alex S.
andrew-coriBefore Andrew and I saw Dr. Nick, we both had different physiological and mental instability that caused us to want to see a chiropractor. Andrew has Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, which means, his top rib bone and his collar bone are pitching his veins, arteries and nerves. This condition has caused Andrew to have blood clots in the past. He was on blood thinners for yeas and continued to take aspirin to increase his blood flow. A symptom of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome caused his arms become numb because of his poor circulation. Andrew is also a very hard worker who has accumulated back pain which has decreased his productivity also causing him to be fatigued most of the time. Andrew also suffered from a social anxiety disorder which means social interactions for Andrew causes an increase of anxiety for him which adds on to his stress and fatigue levels. Andrew was falling apart before we started to see Dr. Nick (and one can only have so much coffee!) Before I saw Dr. Nick, I had constant lower back pain. I often did yoga to release the pain, but it would only do so much. I assumed my back pain originated from my generalized anxiety disorder.

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My anxiety is mostly triggered by weather, being late, new stimuli, and general everyday stressors. This anxiety lived in my lower back and the higher my anxiety, the more pain in my back. I was diagnosed with this anxiety disorder when I was six and have gone through countless different treatments. I have seen a variety of therapist, psychologists, and psychiatrist. I have taken medications, home remedies and different breathing methods. Nothing really worked for me. We had both given up on finding treatment for our heightened anxiety. What Andrew and I expected from Dr. Nick was to reduce our back pain, but the results were more than we would ever expect! Andrew’s back pain has greatly decreased and seeing Dr. Nick has helped regulate his physically labor including decreased pain levels. His energy levels have increased causing us to be more active and healthy! Andrew’s anxiety has reduced causing less fatigue and stress. His arms are no longer numb (which is a great sign that he won’t be getting a blood clot any time soon!) My back pain has disappeared! That constant buildup of anxiety that resided in my lower back is completely gone, taking away my fears. I am still anxious, but in the last three months, I have been able to control and reason with my anxiety in ways I have never been able to do before. I feel as if I have been cured from this curse! Overall, Andrew and I have had remarkable results from our adjustments with Dr. Nick. Dr. Nick and his staff have been absolutely wonderful and we feel very comfortable in the office. Our previous views on chiropractic has flipped and we are very thankful we have discovered Innate Health Chiropractic!

nicholeI first was introduced to the Innate Health Chiropractic team when my mom brought me along to one of her adjustments. She told me that because I also practice in the health care field and have experience with and exposure to various other health care professionals she wanted me to come along to see what I thought about it. She was so pleased with her results that she convinced me to come in for a consultation and to find out more information. At first, I was skeptical thinking things like “I don’t have anything wrong with me, I don’t have any constant aches or pains that I need to fix,” and “How are chiropractic adjustments going to change anything for me.” After my initial consultation, scans, and x-rays I began to connect the dots… I was a competitive swimmer in high school, full-time college student for the past 4 years, and practicing in a high paced, active profession that kept me either on my feet working with patients or at a desk hunched over piles of paperwork to be completed. Of course it makes sense that these activities would lead to my periodic low back pain, sore neck, high stress, headaches, and lower energy levels. I also suffered from pretty bad allergies. I thought that these things just came along with being a busy college student and that I couldn’t really do much to change them but after Dr. Nick sat down with me and explained how the body’s nervous system serves as a control and coordination center for the rest of the body and showed me the cause and effect parallels with my own personal scans I started to buy in a little more to the practice.

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Before I knew it, it was mid-way through my care plan and time for my progress scans and meeting with Dr. Nick. This was when I truly realized how much the chiropractic adjustments had helped me. I had less aches, pains, and soreness, was able to get a better nights sleep and have more energy throughout the day, and I noticed that I felt like I had better posture, mobility, and function in my everyday life. I no longer had to take allergy medication to get through the day! I felt less stressed, had a better, more optimistic attitude, as well as a new positive and increased understanding of total health and wellness along with the importance of paying attention to your body and taking care of what it needs! My experience with Dr. Nick and the Innate Health team has been nothing but positive. Dr. Nick is very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to teach and explain things to his patients. The team is super welcoming and make you feel comfortable from the 1st time you step foot in the door here. I absolutely love and am so thankful for the sense of community that is connected to Innate Health Chiropractic. They truly are committed to excellence and creating THE healthiest community through what they do and what they believe in. Because of the foundation they are able to build with each of their patients, the Innate Health Chiropractic community is able to experience an increase in their life potential! I guess you could say that I became a believer in chiropractic, no one can deny the life improvements that come along with these adjustments. Thank you for everything Dr. Nick and Innate Health team!

Since I was a child I suffered from cluster headaches and migraines my whole life. At age 14, I fell through a loft and landed on my back on concrete. I have also fallen off roofs and have had other back injuries in my fields of work. In 2011, I fell off the roof of a two story home. I was also involved in two car accidents where my car was totaled, landing myself a couple more trips to the ER. I spent the last 6 years seeing multiple doctors, specialists, massage therapists, physical therapist, and even other chiropractors trying to get better. My experience at Innate Health Chiropractic started about 2 months ago after a friend had suggested I look into them. Dr. Nick spent 2 hours in consultations listening, examining, and then coming up with a personalized plan specifically for me on how we could get my health back on track. After just 2 weeks the pain I dealt with on a daily basis was gone. No more migraines, headaches, or muscle spasms. In addition to neck and back pain relief, I no longer have seasonal allergy problems. I feel like I have a fresh new start to a healthy life and body. Dr. Nick is very experienced and knowledgeable. Dr.Nick and his staff have been very helpful and educational. They promote a professional and friendly atmosphere where you feel like family and not just another patient!


  • “Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. There is a real concern about the health of the customer. It is nice to see the practice staffed with younger people so enthusiastic about their jobs and the patients.”-Sam G.
  • “Your staff and office is very child friendly and made our transition into your practice very smooth the extra time and attention was beyond expectations. I thank you for this experience.”-Daneen & Auggie W.
  • “Thank you for taking the time and educating us in the way you do Chiropractic! We were so impressed with your commitment to your patients and making sure they get the most out of each appointment. We are truly blessed to have found your practice!”-Ron & Debbi W.
  • “I absolutely love Dr. Nick and and his entire team! The office is so welcoming and upbeat!! The care and compassion I have received here so far has been truly amazing!”-Cheryl K.
  • “The staff was awesome! Explained things so well. Dr. Nick is wonderful also. Went over everything with me and was so kind! Best experience I have had. I look forward to my next visit!”-Cindy R.
  • “Overall the entire experience has been incredible. Friendliness of each visit to the actual pain relief and improvement physically is amazing. The immediate relief after one adjustment was remarkable, and has progressed further every visit. I wish I would have done this a long time ago. Thank you so much Dr. Nick!”-Dj B.
  • “Dr. Nick is absolutely spectacular! Our adopted child has had a lot of social behavior problems and as a result his self esteem has suffered. Dr. Nick has made a connection with him that I have not seen anyone make. I know that God himself has appointed this job to Dr. Nick. He not only is an excellent doctor but has gone completely out of his way to make our little 5 year old feel as if he is the most important client that he has. Dr. Nick is exceptional! I have already talked to many people about how happy we are that we made the decision to send our son to him. We hope to have our entire family seeing him in the near future.”-Joshua M.
  • “We are very excited about seeing Dr. Nick and look forward to the benefits we believe we will receive!”-Gagich Family
  • “I do like how organized the appointments are so you can check in, do the exercises and move into the adjustment room. Family friendly is a plus to this Grammie!”-Susan N.
  • “I am very happy with the experience my kids and I gave had at Innate Health. Dr. Nick and his staff are kind and very helpful!”-Thompson Family
  • “Dr. Nick Goin is very patient and encouraging. I love the emphasis on overall health. Thanks so much!”-Dawn B.
  • “Refreshing approach to health Bravo!”-Kim H.
  • “My daughter and I have only been patients for a short time, but we have had a great experience. We appreciate the amount of time and thought Dr. Goin has put into our care.”-Lauren T.
  • “The office staff as well as Dr. Nick are so helpful and nice. The atmosphere is awesome.”-Butler Family
  • “You have already taken a former chiropractic skeptic and turned everything I thought I knew about this type of health around. Thank you for listening well, explaining thoroughly, and treating me like a family friend.”-Michele H.
  • “I was very skeptical at first but the excellent results have made me a believer. Thanks.”-Jeff M.
  • “Amazing! I have been to many physicians, chiropractors, therapist in the past couple of years. This is the first time I have been acknowledged and given reassurance that I would get the best care and treatment. The confidence and tenderness I have been treated with has really helped me have confidence in the treatments given.”-Yvette C.
  • “I feel like I am in the right place at the right time and am excited to see results and feel better. There are little breakthroughs and I am hopeful that with continued visits I will see lasting results!”-Marsha H.
  • “I am so excited and happy that I found Dr. Goin. I cannot believe I waited so long to make an appointment. After one adjustment, I had increased range of motion and I was no longer in pain! His office is incredibly organized and impeccably clean. The staff are very friendly and helpful! Everyone is caring and compassionate and they make you feel like you were at home. It is obvious that Dr. Goin and his staff are invested and committed to improving the health of their patients.”-Ginger M.
  • “We love Dr.Nick he is very attentive, caring and compassionate. His Staff is very friendly and helpful. The office is clean and it has such a peaceful and calming atmosphere. We have already in just three visits seen improvement in our Granddaughters school work which is a plus we didn’t expect. My husband and I are feeling results as well.”-Patty A.
  • “Doctor was very informative and knowledgeable. Explained absolutely everything he saw in x-rays and laid out a plan for me that would take me to better health. The doctor is very passionate about what he does and is just as excited to know that he can help us. Highly suggest that you go check out Innate Health Chiropractic.”-Rick T.
  • “Dr. Nick and his wife are such a pleasure to work with! They are so inviting and make you feel comfortable. I’ve only been adjusted 3 times and I’m hooked! Highly recommend anyone to this practice!”-Kristen M.
  • “You both are so great! Really appreciate all the information provided, and feel like there is an excellent plan in place to work on all my issues.”-Erin S.
  • “Dr. Nick Goin, demonstrated valuable knowledge within chiropractic care during my consultation. He provided me with extensive detail of my overall examination, X-Rays and explained his plan to getting me back to my full health potential. Dr. Goin and his staff has provided me with an unparalleled experience. Overall, I have suffered severe back pain for the past eight years, and after my first couple adjustments my pain level has decreased exceptionally.” -Nick M.
  • “The service is top notch from top to bottom. The place is very open and inviting, the setting is very calming and the smells are very relaxing. The relief I have felt in only two weeks is amazing and I look forward to going.” -Dedra S.
  • “I have had a great experience at Innate Health Chiropractic. I feel like Nick and Ashley really care and it shows in how they run their practice. Nick is knowledgeable, and I think his approach can benefit many different people.” -Mark R.
  • “I had a great experience with Dr. Nick. I felt he understood my concerns and took the time to explain my specific situation. I would recommend friends and family if they are in need of chiropractic care.” -Gale H.
  • “Dr. Nick is awesome with the kids. Very hopeful that chiropractic care will help.” -Shannon J.
  • “Even after just one adjustment I’ve noticed a difference. Dr Nick is the real deal!” -Sara S.
  • “I am so glad that I met the Goin couple, they are awesome and I know will help me get my spine in line!” -Allison H.
  • “So far, my experience has been great. I am feeling better already after only 1 treatment.” -Becky D.
  • “Dr. Nick is very knowledgeable and has a great patient communication skills. Looking forward to seeing results of my treatment plan very soon.” -Leslie M.

social-facebook-buttonHere are some of the reviews we’ve received on Facebook. To read more reviews check out Innate Health Chiropractic’s Facebook page!

“Not only are Dr. Nick and his wife passionate about chiropractic but they are wonderful people too! He’s a great chiropractor and will do all he can to provide for your whole family.”

-Ashley S
“Dr. Nick spent the last phase of his education doing a clinical internship in my office here in Illinois, and then another two months working as my primary intake doctor for ALL of our patients… he worked with the most difficult cases such as autism, seizures, and ADHD… and handled them with an ease, confidence, and skill set that is truly unheard of for someone at his stage in his career. Your community is getting one of the truly finest pediatric chiropractors in the country, and I can’t wait to see all the families he transforms from sickness and suffering to health and optimum potential! Do not hesitate one second to become a part of this practice, and be sure to spread the word! Oh, and his Epic Wife and the real BOSS of the office… even more impressive!”

-Tony Ebel
“Dr. Nick is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. He is excellent at what he does and I have referred countless others to his office and they have had the same experience as well. I especially like how great he is with kids :)”

-Vince B.
“Dr. Nick is an amazing doctor, committed to bringing the best care to your family!”

-Julianna E.
“Dr. Nick is an amazing chiropractor and person. He will provide your whole family with top notch care!”

-Kristina E.
“My daughter, who happens to have autism, had the pleasure of receiving services from Dr. Nick while he was at PWC in Illinois with Dr. Tony. I have to say that Dr. Nick is personable, kind, takes the time to remember details of your conversations with him, and is